7th & Boardwalk  (609) 398-2200
PO Box 415         (609) 391-2050 fax
Ocean City, NJ   

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    -ADA approved service animals are fine,  dogs or minitaure ponies *

    -Hermit crabs ~often acquired in OC~ fine,
        we'll even watch them in the lobby on departure day so they don't have to cook in your car

    -that's it:  NO OTHER ANIMALS,  I'm sure yours is very cute and quiet, but uh-uh....
        in the area there are the Somers Point Kennels (easy access) and you can still stay at the best motel ever
        or there is the Residence Inn by Mariot (also in Somers Point, about 2 miles from here)
        all Residence Inn's accept pets (I think)  As of time of this typing there is a deposit, stay and per day fee

*Until 2010 the ADA rules were pretty weird on what service animals were required to be admitted,  almost anything had to be allowed.

As of 2010 the ADA rules changed,  we happily allow service dogs and ponies (and we can exclude primates?)

I'm dying to have my first helper pony stay with us, 
I hope that whatever person shows up with one lets me take pictures of it in the room and put them up on our blog.