7th & Boardwalk  (609) 398-2200
PO Box 415         (609) 391-2050 fax
Ocean City, NJ   

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            DVD PLAYER IN ROOM-fear not, if you room lacks one, we rent them for $5 a night
            -yer also welcome to bring your own- I think every tv in the building has red/yellow/white connection ports-
                but not necassarily the RGB&RW of 'component' or HDMI connections

            BOTH of our "First Floor small" (FFS) and BOTH of our "First Floor Large" (FFL) units have them
            ALL three of our "Corner Kings" (XTK) have DVD players
            ALL of our "Decorator Suites" (SUID) have them
            ALL one of the "King Suites" (SUI) has one
            Both of our "Upper Floor HCA"  (UFH) units have one
            BOTH the Penthouse units (UFOP) (SUIP) have one
            TWO out of five of the "Upper Floor Ocean View" (UFO) rooms have one
            MANY of the "Upper Floor Ocean Peek" (UFP) and "Upper Floor Efficiencies" (UFE) have them