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On the Fourth of July Holiday weekend,
Anything that includes you spending the night of the 4th will require a stay of 4 nights in total or more. *

Stays including the 4th, total for the shortest possible stay will;
likely be lowest if you book arriving on the 1st, leaving on the 5th
be slightly higher arriving on the 2 or 3rd 3rd, leaving on the 6th/7th
likely be highest if you book arriving on the 4th, leaving on the 8th

If you put in less than three nights, it will work for a bit, take your name, and then halt the process before you get a confirmation.

*As we get close to the 4th, There are some rooms open for less than 4 nights
    -this due to reservations on either side that can't be moved-  feel free to call us and ask about this availability when appropriate
    We can even waitlist such requests--  the rates will be higher than for three night stays.