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Ways Booking Early will save you money

         (a)  mail in a deposit:   Every reservation made at our motel can receive an additional discount of 3% off when credit cards are
          not involved. This means booking a minimum of three weeks out, and mailing in a deposit by personal check or
          money order to secure your room, then paying the balance on arrival with cash or Travelers checks.    Confirmation emails 
          (while the reservation is still eligible) will show both totals of stay, with reduction being applied at your arrival to the front desk.
            you can send more than the minimum deposit to reduce your need for cash on arrival.  
            All checks must be recieved 14 days before your arrival date.
        (b)  book one of our multi night specials:   when you stay 5 nights or more, most of our units have a multi night special that can be a
              large discount from the daily rate, and the rates don't change when you bring more adults  (up to the capacity limit of the room)
              These specials do require a deposit mailed in by check,  if you pay the balance without a credit card, you'll still get another 3%

              1. Book one of our multi night specials in a suite or decorator suite, and your deposit is recieved by May 15th, an additional 10%
                 discount is available. Pay that balance without plastic, and it will be 13% off the rates shown on our website

             2. We also offer all of the 5 & more night discounts in the spring (until June11th) and the fall (after Sept 5th) with an
                 option to forgo in room housekeeping service.  Savings range from $84 and up.
        `        You'll still recieve towels, toiletries and supplies, but the staff won't be bothering you (or cleaning up after you) 
                 during your stay.  You can always decide to have service added during your stay.    

        (c) Book a full length stay for either the Memorial Weekend (4 nights) or the Columbus day weekend (3 nights) special, and not only
             will there be no extra adult charges, but the last night in any room of the hotel will only be $50.00--  every room in the hotel.  Also
             still eligible for the 3% discount