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Ocean City, NJ   

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Upper Floor HCA ~ One Queen Bed & roll in shower Sleeps 2 ( 3 with cot OR crib added)

The two upper floor units that with accessible features have been upgraded to have a queen bed in each for a little more comfort.  We can still add a cot or a crib if you like.  (additional charge, or you can bring your own crib too)  there are now ten rooms in the building with a bed larger than a double (so snap one up) and both of the queen units here are on the second floor.  One is right around the corner from the elevator (but doesn't share a wall with it) and one is poolside.  Both feature a tile floor throughout.  The bathroom is ENORMOUS as is the shower~ no tub~ but it sports a wall mounted TV you can watch from the bed without lifting your head any more than the 5 included pillows require. 

It's priced a hair lower than our two double bed units in the same area, and a hair higher than our ground floor units but as always, the choice is yours.  If you need a little more space/bedding in an HCA unit, one of our two ground floor units has a double bed and double sofa bed in a HCA configuration.  If you want a larger bed and the queens are sold out, we also have three rooms with a king. If you add a third person to this room, a cot or a crib would be a good idea unless you are all real friendly.. 

These units have a blue extra width parking spot, & know it's close to the lobby. (And coincidentally it's out of the rain.*)  You don't have to have a blue placard to park there, (we'll take care of that)  but if you need blue parking, you will have to book an accessible unit.   If this doesn't float your boat, sink your battleship, or get your groove on, be sure to check the other rooms listed below.....

(*not that it ever rains in Ocean City..  I really meant out of the range of seagulls targeting your car**)

**that doesn't happen ever either, not ever, even if it is good luck..  Ocean City is like a certain drugstore commercial and NPR program all rolled into one....

FFS 2+ Crib
FFL   4+ Crib or Cot

UFH  2+Crib or Cot
 Daily Rates
Memorial Weekend special
Columbus Weekend special

UFE  4+ Crib
XTK  5 or 4+Crib
UFP  4+ Crib
UFO 4+ Crib
UFOP 2+ Crib
SUI    6+ Crib
SUIK  6+ Crib
SUID  6+ Crib
SUIP  4+ Crib