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Ocean City, NJ   

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First Floor Single ~ One Queen Bed Sleeps 2 ( 3 with crib added)

The ground floor singles feature one queen bed and a standard bathroom with shower/tub combo...    We've got two, they are built for the traveler or two who want every dime for the boardwalk.  236 square feet of living space!  It's like living in NYC while visiting the beach!

Since our renovations the ground floor units have improved more than anything in the building compared to what we had before...   priced lower than any room upstairs, they are great for when you are coming to the shore to go to the beach.* If you want a little more space or the singles are sold out, take a look at the (FFL) as well..  you can have a crib in these rooms, or you can pace...  the choice is yours...  they are tile floors throughout, and definitely appropriate for people who want their stay to bring them closer together...

Parking for both is under cover and close to the room.   For a place to sleep, bathe, change and head out*, this is the bed for your head...  Many guests who have a suite add one of these for the grandparents or "Uncle Bob"

Bedroom:  Click picture for larger view · One Queen bed with two pillows · two extra pillows (in closet) · 24"television and DVD player · Desk & Chair · Iron & Board · Dresser & closet · Nightstand w/  phone & clock radio · Bible & phone book · Heat/AC unit

  Fridge · Microwave · Two burner stove · Toaster & Coffee Maker · Cookware including; T-Fal Pots & Pans · Serving pieces & spatulas · can opener & corkscrew · Pitcher · colander · large serving bowl · Service for 4 including Utensils, Cups, Glasses, Plates & Bowls · Sink & Dish Drainer · Dish towel & Dish Soap 

4 each towels, hand towels & washcloths  · bathmat · separate bathroom sink  ·  Soap & Shampoo · Towels & Bathmat  · Standard Shower/tub

FFS 2+ Crib
 Daily Rates
Memorial Weekend special
Columbus Weekend special

FFL   4+ Crib or Cot
UFH  2+Crib or Cot
UFE  4+ Crib
XTK  5 or 4+Crib
UFP  4+ Crib
UFO 4+ Crib
UFOP 2+ Crib
SUI    6+ Crib
SUIK  6+ Crib
SUID  6+ Crib
SUIP  4+ Crib